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Do What You Love

Sunday, November 13, 2016
'Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life' 

When you look fully into how many days and hours we have on this planet, you might freak yourself out like I do each time I think about it. You realise there really isn't that much time, the hours fly by and you especially don't want to spend them on moments that waste your time. I've been struggling these past few months, making me realign my focuses and try to do things that I'm truly passionate about. 

Can I say, when you love doing something it's not exhausting. It doesn't drain you, make you feel sick about going back to it, or even makes you time watch. Doing what you love empowers you, makes you feel exhilarated and you can still work on it at midnight without realising that you aren't tired. That's when you know you're doing something you love.

Yet, life isn't as easy at that, being able to do what you love means that you either have to take a risk on it, or possibly give up something else. This is the most difficult part, am I ready to risk this chance to do what I love, but possibly having to give up some financial freedom or stability? Can I take this chance? These are the questions that burden each part of my thinking day to day, these days I love the idea of focusing solely on doing what I love. Yet, I'm terribly afraid, I let fear dominate my decision and continue to do something that I'm not passionate about at all. There's this little black cloud in the back of my mind, always doubting my ability, convincing myself that I can't do something. I need to start pushing that dark cloud away because sometimes you need to take risks. 

Go away little black cloud, you're not welcome here today. Instead, let's replace you with a rainbow full of hope that taking risks will pay off.

- Sophia

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