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Quarter Life Crisis & Updates!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

"So the real problem is I've been feeling rather down lately. It may be hormones. But it may also be because I realize I'm turning 25 in 22 days time, and I'm hitting a quarter life crisis. I feel like I am complaining to myself and to anyone who bothers to listen, about not knowing what I want to do with my life, especially career-wise, but not actually doing anything to change that. This is the kind of attitude in people that I despise the most, and yet I'm now the biggest culprit. I know that half the job is getting started, but I don't know where to start. Or what to get started on.

Be right back while I contemplate."

I wrote that in July 2016 and never got around to finishing it. Forgive me for this year long procrastination. I think by now it's pretty clear which one of us two is an avid writer and which isn't *shameless smirk*.

Looking back at what I've written, I would say that I've changed (progressed?) a lot in one year's time. There has been major changes in my career, relationship and social life. I'm no longer working in the same company, mainly due to the lack of direction and the sense that most of the things I did was futile. Nevertheless, I did grow and learn a lot more about myself in the two and a half years I spent there. I've since worked freelance and also had more time to focus on Square One, which did flourish and was something I truly enjoyed. After a few months of that, I decided to go back into working full time, mainly due to the need for a more stable revenue stream. I've since put the Square One business on hold, as there was simply too much going on at the same time, but I do intend on re-opening it once everything is settled.

Relationship-wise, I made the choice of moving on to something that I felt is more right for me in the long-term. It was the scariest and hardest decision of my life, but it's a choice I made after some deliberate thinking. This is still a bit of a sensitive topic as of right now, so more on this later.

In terms of social life, due to the recent changes in career and relationship (oh by the way, I've moved houses too), I've also been more socially active. I'm spending more time with my friends, some new and some old, and I realise this is something I've missed doing ever since Uni.

I would say that it has definitely been a challenging year for me, one that required me to make a lot of adult decisions and having to suck up and deal with the consequences of it. Despite this I am quite glad to say that I am still content with everything that I have today, and I still go by the motto of living life positively, getting the things you want (more action, less talk) so you won't look back with any regrets.