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For the girl who doesn't want to commit

Saturday, March 28, 2015
These are a series of my "for the girl" posts, I wrote one recently on fighting fear.

  We all do this now, we are the generation with no fixed plans, not committing, keeping our options open for other opportunities. Always the 'I'll let you know' versus the 'sure I can do that', we've grown to not commit. Committing equals less freedom in our eyes. When it comes to dating, it's exactly the same, the I'll see how it goes option rather than purely admitting hey, I like you, let's go out. It's a matter of choice, we have so many other things to choose from. Open up your apps like Instagram and the options are unlimited with food choices, clothing. Hell, even choosing a handbag can take me months.

We think the grass is greener on the other side.

I've always feared commitment, once it took me three months to adjust to the idea of signing a phone contract for a fixed period. Why do I do this to myself? What do I fear most about commitment? Do I really need all those other options, or am I just afraid to be fully content with one thing?

Dear me, learn to commit, I'm extremely proud at times, pride is the worst part of me, I don't like to admit defeat or fully stick with my decision in case it goes wrong, but life is about commitment- it's finishing the job and knowing that what you've chosen to do is good. It can only mean good things, honestly. 

At the end of the day, I know deep down we can only really choose one thing, commit to it and let yourself be happy, commitment shouldn't be weakening yourself, it should be a statement saying "my decision is final, and I'm proud of it" then you know you've made the right choice.

Lush- Ocean Salt

Friday, March 27, 2015

It's all in the name- Ocean Salt- Lush describes this as a face and body scrub made from lashings of salt, coconut oil and lime essence. I have to say, I've purchased this three times now- so it's another one of my shower staples for sure. I love the citrus scent of this, and it leaves my skin feeling ridiculously moisturised and soft- also the smell is insanely good- all about those citrus scents.

Although I've never used this on my face, and I'm not sure I really would as the granules are quite abrasive, I keep to using this purely on my body. Yes, you can make you're own body scrub or adapt from Apple's recipe. But if you're feeling a bit lazy, definitely grab this instead, it leaves that 'oh my god, my legs & arms feeling so soft reaction, I can't stop touching them' that you really want ;)


250g for $260
120g for $150

Little Bao @ Sheung Wan (小包包)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
LB fries at Little Bao

Szechuan Fried Chicken Bao

Pork Belly Bao

LB Salted Caramel Bao
We visited Little Bao in Sheung Wan a few weeks back, after drooling over the pics of the place, #littlebao, over Instagram. Little Bao is another fusion restaurant, combining Taiwanese food with a western twist in Sheung Wan.

Michelle and I ordered the LB fries "Little Bao Fries" for a starter, the taste was definitely unique, it consisted of a sweet glaze, a pinch of salt, corriander and topped with their chilli sauce and mayo it was a perfect combo of sweet and salty. I would give them 9.5 out of 10 Blushes

For myself I got the Szechuan fried Chicken bao, the bun was super soft (think of a fresh mantou) the chicken was really tender and the spiciness was just perfect, another 9.5 out of 10 Blushes

Michelle ordered the Pork Belly bao, and described it as 'delicious' and the pork was super tender for her too.

The waiter & service was great too, halfway through the meal, the waiter that we had explained that if we wanted to order one of their famous ice cream sandwiches, now would be the time as it does take some time to prepare them. You can also go for Little Bao just for dessert as opposed to dinner.

We both chose the salted caramel bao, the bun is deep fried this time, with a sly sweet taste- not over filling or greasy in flavour at all. Mixed in with the vanilla ice cream and salted caramel this is the perfect combination. I would give this 10 out of 10 Blushes (I loved it that much!) 

I was worried that Little Bao was all about the hype, however, it lived up to expectations and more! I will definitely be visiting this place again. Little Bao does get very busy so plan to go early/ expect to wait for a bit.

G/F, 66 Staunton St. Central, Hong Kong

Fitness Journey: Month Three

Friday, March 20, 2015
So for this month we have to admit, exercise and staying fit has taken a bit of a backburner. Work has been incredibly hectic, we've slacked off a bit. We have the 6km marathon this month too, so we really need to keep working hard and remember to take some time in the day to exercise, even if it is only half an hour!

Sophia: This month I've mostly just been running, I followed what I said I would do last month and instead of just timing myself or forcing myself to run a certain amount of km each time, I've slowly added. This month I ran my first 5km! I bought some insoles for my running too, so the pain that I had in my left leg has deteriorated.

Apple: This month i've been a total potato :(  I've made so many excuses to not exercise, and working late has not helped either. No improvements for me this March, so I have nothing much to say other than it's time to pick up the usual exercise routine again. At least aiming for a run or gym once a week!

Things to improve on:
  • Keep on running- cardio and marathon training
  • More core exercises- maybe work on pilates
  • Drinking more water- this is always always a thing to improve on
  • Go to the gym more (this we have slacked on this month)

That Beach life- photo diary

Saturday, March 14, 2015
Restaurants in Stanley
Pier front at Stanley
Repulse Beach

Things I've Learned

Sunday, March 8, 2015
I've learned that there is no such thing as a patient person - each person is patient for some things and less so for others.
I've learned that no matter how hard you try, you cannot please everyone.
I've learned that people can tell how much effort you've put into something - but whether you get rewarded for this is another story.
I've learned that I will always care about what other people think, but whether I will still stand up for myself despite this will determine whether i've been courageous.
I've learned that sometimes all it takes is speaking out, to get rid of something useless and time wasting at work.
I've learned that I need at least two computer screens to function properly at work.
I've learned that a chair with wheels is essential at the office.
I know this is a cliche, but i've truly learned that nobody is perfect, and you can never expect to change a person.
I've learned that once you start work life, there always seems to be not enough time in a day, and the weekends is the greatest motivation to get through the week.
I've learned that with greater power comes greater responsibility - and sometimes I really am so damn tired, both mentally and physically.
I've learned that sometimes people don't have a clue what they're doing, but they pretend (I'm guilty of this)
I've learned that exercise gets easier the more you do it and gets harder to pick up again once you've stopped.
I've learned that what you love about a person, can also be what you dislike about them at the same time.
I've learned that you cannot compare yourself with anyone else, because you cannot have everything, and you've already got enough.
I've learned that you can get better at anything as long as you commit to it.
I've learned that people come and go, even those who once seemed essential to your life.
I've learned that the only thing that's consistent is my dog's happy face every day when I get home.
I've learned that nothing should be taken too seriously, no grudge should be held for too long, no thoughts should be too pervasive - because life is too short for any of this.

Saturday Shenanigans

1) The water fountain and creepy feature outside TST Hong Kong Space Museum
2) Posing outside the pretty foliage at the Hong Kong Science Museum
3) Pub Grub- classic sausage and mash
4) A spectacular entrance to an exhibition

Yesterday, Michelle and I did a little wondering around Tsim Sha Tsui, lately I've been craving some homey, British food so we tried the Irish Pub 'Delaneys' - being in there took me back to the pubs in the UK. I had the classic sausage and mash, Michelle ordred  fish and chips and took it with a cup of tea. Typical Britishness right there guys.

As always, Michelle and I got lost (you'll hear this a lot) and we assumed the museum was with the collective museums, but alas it wasn't. After an hour (including taking some blog pictures, obviously) feeling proud we tracked down the Science Museum-a virtual interactive experience filled with bubbles galore. Although we were gutted we couldn't sit and star gaze- HK Museums are a fun day out as well as being ridiculously cheap ($25!)


I had a tranquil Saturday at one of Hong Kong's must-go tourist spots: Lantau Island. It was my first time on the Ngong Ping 360 (the cable car). You can get to the Ngong Ping 360 station via a 5 minutes walk from the Tung Chung MTR station. The ride itself was very nice, lasted around 15 minutes but unfortunately it was quite hazy so I couldn't get any good photos of the view.

Lantau was crowded and quite commercially developed, there were souvenior shops lining both sides of the path leading to the big buddha, and even a vegetarian meal costed around HKD$90 - definitely very touristy. I'm not a religious person, but seeing the big buddha statue, I have to say it is very grand. Religious or not, you would still feel a sense of respect for its magnificence.

After Lantau we took a bus down to Tai O, which is another small secluded island of Hong Kong. Tai O, very much like Peng Chau consists of a small population and narrow streets. There were fishball stands everywhere, as well as grilled seafood since Tai O's people mainly make a living off selling seafood. The place was serene, but definitely also touristy. I wonder if theres a place in Hong Kong where its actually tourist-free but also beautiful?

Let's go to the beach, each. Let's go get away.

Monday, March 2, 2015

always so serious...

Top & cardigan- Boutique in HK
Jeans- H&M
Sunglasses- Primark
Last Saturday, Michelle and I wondered over to the Southern Side of the Island- little old Repulse Bay. The weather was sunny but a tad windy (flowy tops beware), and we walked around Stanley Island first for some food, and headed for Repulse. On the way we got lost and missed the sign for the beach (classic Michelle and Sophia) also the HK bus ride is insane to this place- close your eyes and grab the handrails.

It's been a while since I've been to this beach, but I felt like we both needed a relaxing day. Hong Kong is starting to get a bit warmer now, so this time is perfect for days out like this. Sometimes you just need to get away from life and relax a bit, HK is always crazy busy- with everyone rushing around for everything. It's interesting that this place is just 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Central.

Here's to more calming beach days to balance out the busy ones!