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The Rabeanco Satchel

Friday, July 31, 2015

Hello Internet, meet my first 'luxury' handbag, now as a side note, I'm not bragging- I saved a lot & thought about investing in one for about three years, so I think of this as my first 'grown up girl purchase.' Also, you may not have heard of this brand so I'm not sure whether it's considered 'luxury' in the namesake, but the price is a tad dear. It's becoming more of a popular brand in Hong Kong, as it did originate in Hong Kong and sources it's leather from Italy.

I'm quite a practical person when it comes to bags, and the people who know me most knows I love a good compartmentalised bag - i.e- a lot of zips. So this bag for me, definitely fit that style. I chose the light brown in calfskin leather (Rabeanco offers a huge range of colours with this style).

The bag comes with an extendable and removable strap, you can carry it through the main handle at the top (which I usually do- T Swift style) or as a loose off the shoulder.

It's gently structured with plenty of space and sections, the front for example has a small pocket, perfect for quick essentials- keys, tissues etc. Inside there's the front pocket- where I usually store my miscellaneous items- blotting tissue, anti-bacterial hand gel. Then the main inside pocket has plenty of space for my junk- phone, external battery charger, umbrella, purse etc. The back zip pocket is great too, I usually use this for my phone so I can quickly grab it and use it to access the MTR. I absolutely adore this bag, it has the softest leather and the colour goes with so many of my outfits. If you're a pretty practical person like me (hoarder tendencies) then I would definitely recommend this bag, it's a nice alternative to the Cambridge Satchel too- which I find to be very tough and structured.

3280 HKD (price at the time of writing)

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