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Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

Friday, July 17, 2015




Oh how I do love being by the seaside. It's amazing that in a metropolitan jungle like Hong Kong filled with skycrapers and smoggy skies, you're blessed with some amazing beaches that makes you feel like on you're on a getaway island. One of my favourites is definitely Repulse Bay, located near Central you can catch the 260 Stanley Express. 

The Pulse is the newly opened shopping centre/ food spot for Repulse Bay- filled with treats like Lab Made ice cream, Haagen Dazs and even supermarkets if you need to stock up on beach treats. The centre has a rooftop patio which was sadly closed, we discovered the coolest artsy lift and found the Chamber of Secrets.

Michelle and I firstly headed over to Limewood for some Caribbean and Asian fusion food. The food is so fresh and definitly exotic with a twist, my favourite was the pork skin chicharon guacamole, guacamole & the beach is just the perfect combo isn't it? You can never go wrong with it. We also decided to have a cheeky cocktail, because hey it was a Sunday- I chose the creamy Pina Colada & Michelle went with a tangy Pineapple Mojito.

After filling our bellies and  stocked up on some ice cold drinks, we walked over to the sand. Repulse has three levels of sand, towards the top near the stairs it's really coarse- perfect if you want a quick foot scrub. The middle section is a bit softer, still filled with a lot of granite. Finally the third section is where the silky soft sand is, this is the best spot. However, since it was a furnace outside, we decided to find some shelter under a tree, Hong Kong sun is intense- I spent the whole day in shade with sunscreen on and I still left the beach with tan lines galore. Even with the crazy tan lines, we had the best time just relaxing, listening to our babe Taylor and sipping on the slightly warm drinks. 

We ended the day with a sneaky Haagen Dazs ice cream and cold Japanese noodles! Beach days are definitely worth leaving the house.

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