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Hello Sailor!

Monday, July 27, 2015

You may have already seen these similar pictures from Apple's post about Penfold Park( 彭福公園) but because these items of clothing were all new additions to my wardrobe, I wanted to talk more about them ;)

I felt the whole sailor vibe going down, especially with the stripes. The top is from H&M and it's also my first crop top too! I love stripes and I feel like with full t-shirts tucking them into skirts make them very bulky. I have always felt a little hesitant to buy crop tops- I don't have the flattest stomach, but with a high waist skirt it definitely hides my lower belly pooch.

The cerulean blue skirt is from Lowry's Farm - it also has pockets, when I spin around I do feel like a elegant, albeit slightly dizzy lady. The shoes that actually match the skirt are from Oriental Traffic, the slight heel at the back makes the shoe more comfortable compared to wearing plain flat shoes. 

I loved this whole combination, it brings out the Taylor Swift, girl next door vibe that I always want to achieve (on days where I want to get out of jeans) add a splash of that red lip, classic, bring your biggest diva sunglasses (Egg) et voila- your outfit is complete!

*Bailey is priceless & storeless 

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