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Penfold Park, Hong Kong (彭福公園)

Sunday, July 12, 2015
Welcome to Penfold Park, 20 acres of doggy wonderland! Hidden in the centre of the Hong Kong Jockey Club in Shatin, this park is not a place that you just happen to pass by. In fact, I discovered this place through a search online for a dog-friendly park in Hong Kong (which may also be the reason you're reading this post), and it took a little bit of asking around to finally find it.

source: Wikipedia

The park is filled with acres of greenery, some huge trees with dogs lying under for the shade, picnic tables scattered across the park, a fountain area with a couple of waterbirds, oriental horse statues and artworks - and most importantly, many many dogs.

If you're thinking of taking your pooch to Penfold Park this weekend, and you travel by MTR (with your dog secretly hidden in your bag), get off at Fotan and locate exit C, then cross the road and follow the signs. It's around a 7-10 minutes walk. If you travel by car, there's a huge parking space available right next to the park.

- Apple

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