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Polaroid Instamax Mini 8 Review

Saturday, July 4, 2015
Soph and I recently got a Polaroid Instamax Mini 8 after playing around with one during our company's Annual Dinner and absolutely falling in love with the magic of having photos instantly printed.  Because honestly, we take hundreds of photos and selfies every month, but how often do we actually print them out? How often do we put photos on the wall or file them nicely into albums like the good old days? Sadly, this is now seldom done.

Don't you think this minty blue is absolutely gorgeous?

If you're thinking of getting an Instamax, here are reasons why we say go for it:

  • It's great for parties, or meetups with friends. You can give everyone a polaroid to bring home & they'll love you for it. You'll also suddenly become the center of attention cos everyone loves a polaroid.
  • Something about watching the photo slowly develop is just so magical even after you've seen it for a dozen times.
  • You put more effort in making sure you take a good shot, since there's no turning back with instamax.
  • It's small and light so you can easily pop it into your handbag or backpack.
  • It's got different modes for different light settings.
  • It's super easy to use, no complicated buttons to tweak, just point and shoot.

Here are some reasons why you might not want an Instamax Mini 8
  • The photo quality isn't great. I'm not sure about other polaroid cameras out there, but the Instamax 8's photos are quite low in resolution and the light contrasts are too extreme (bright is too bright, dark is too dark)
  • It's hard to take a selfie perfectly. But you can get additional accessories for this.
  • Polaroid film is expensive. In HK, on average a pack of 10 films costs HKD70, which is very expensive, given that you can print a photo for HKD2 at local printing shops
  • It's not very practical. Unless you have an event planned in advance, it's unlikely that you'll carry around the Instamax with you wherever you go. So you're bound to experience some moments which you wish you could've captured, but missed.

These are my thoughts after having used the Instamax Mini 8 for a few months. Have you got a Polaroid too? What's your thought? Let us know!

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