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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

1) Cute cat graffiti found in my favourite place- Sheung Wan
2) The cutest cat ever, cat goals right there. It had the softest, dreamiest patterned fur and adorable short stubby legs
3) After 8 long months of Instagram screenshots, I finally tried the Elephant Grounds famous Ice Cream sandwich, and it was well worth the hype

4) Beautiful fountains in Sheung Wan, close to some of my favourite spots for food too
5) A week ago, I went to D2 place in Lai Chi Kok where they had some weekend independent stalls set up, there was a booth set up for temporary tattoos. As soon as I saw the lightning bolt, I knew it was the one (HP for ever!)
6) Went to visit my auntie and saw the beautiful view of Tseung Kwan O

7) Another picture from the cat cafe, how cute this this little one?!
8) Awful OOTD but nonetheless I wanted to snap a picture of my 'Hogwarts Alumni' T-shirt- absolute bargain from Primark at £6 (which HK desperately needs!)
9) The sleepiest of kittens and pretty much how I feel every morning, especially Mondays.

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