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Lush- Ocean Salt

Friday, March 27, 2015

It's all in the name- Ocean Salt- Lush describes this as a face and body scrub made from lashings of salt, coconut oil and lime essence. I have to say, I've purchased this three times now- so it's another one of my shower staples for sure. I love the citrus scent of this, and it leaves my skin feeling ridiculously moisturised and soft- also the smell is insanely good- all about those citrus scents.

Although I've never used this on my face, and I'm not sure I really would as the granules are quite abrasive, I keep to using this purely on my body. Yes, you can make you're own body scrub or adapt from Apple's recipe. But if you're feeling a bit lazy, definitely grab this instead, it leaves that 'oh my god, my legs & arms feeling so soft reaction, I can't stop touching them' that you really want ;)


250g for $260
120g for $150

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