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Fitness Journey: Month Three

Friday, March 20, 2015
So for this month we have to admit, exercise and staying fit has taken a bit of a backburner. Work has been incredibly hectic, we've slacked off a bit. We have the 6km marathon this month too, so we really need to keep working hard and remember to take some time in the day to exercise, even if it is only half an hour!

Sophia: This month I've mostly just been running, I followed what I said I would do last month and instead of just timing myself or forcing myself to run a certain amount of km each time, I've slowly added. This month I ran my first 5km! I bought some insoles for my running too, so the pain that I had in my left leg has deteriorated.

Apple: This month i've been a total potato :(  I've made so many excuses to not exercise, and working late has not helped either. No improvements for me this March, so I have nothing much to say other than it's time to pick up the usual exercise routine again. At least aiming for a run or gym once a week!

Things to improve on:
  • Keep on running- cardio and marathon training
  • More core exercises- maybe work on pilates
  • Drinking more water- this is always always a thing to improve on
  • Go to the gym more (this we have slacked on this month)

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