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Saturday Shenanigans

Sunday, March 8, 2015
1) The water fountain and creepy feature outside TST Hong Kong Space Museum
2) Posing outside the pretty foliage at the Hong Kong Science Museum
3) Pub Grub- classic sausage and mash
4) A spectacular entrance to an exhibition

Yesterday, Michelle and I did a little wondering around Tsim Sha Tsui, lately I've been craving some homey, British food so we tried the Irish Pub 'Delaneys' - being in there took me back to the pubs in the UK. I had the classic sausage and mash, Michelle ordred  fish and chips and took it with a cup of tea. Typical Britishness right there guys.

As always, Michelle and I got lost (you'll hear this a lot) and we assumed the museum was with the collective museums, but alas it wasn't. After an hour (including taking some blog pictures, obviously) feeling proud we tracked down the Science Museum-a virtual interactive experience filled with bubbles galore. Although we were gutted we couldn't sit and star gaze- HK Museums are a fun day out as well as being ridiculously cheap ($25!)


I had a tranquil Saturday at one of Hong Kong's must-go tourist spots: Lantau Island. It was my first time on the Ngong Ping 360 (the cable car). You can get to the Ngong Ping 360 station via a 5 minutes walk from the Tung Chung MTR station. The ride itself was very nice, lasted around 15 minutes but unfortunately it was quite hazy so I couldn't get any good photos of the view.

Lantau was crowded and quite commercially developed, there were souvenior shops lining both sides of the path leading to the big buddha, and even a vegetarian meal costed around HKD$90 - definitely very touristy. I'm not a religious person, but seeing the big buddha statue, I have to say it is very grand. Religious or not, you would still feel a sense of respect for its magnificence.

After Lantau we took a bus down to Tai O, which is another small secluded island of Hong Kong. Tai O, very much like Peng Chau consists of a small population and narrow streets. There were fishball stands everywhere, as well as grilled seafood since Tai O's people mainly make a living off selling seafood. The place was serene, but definitely also touristy. I wonder if theres a place in Hong Kong where its actually tourist-free but also beautiful?

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