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Oh hello, if you're reading this - welcome to Bailey Blushes! A blog about life, travelling and food started by two twenty something friends.

Left to Right- Apple, Bailey & Sophia
Hi, I'm one half of Bailey Blushes, Sophia- a general clutz, optimistic and beauty lover. I enjoy having too much make up and never using any of it (hoarder tendencies). I adore writing and creating new content, mostly for myself to look back on. I feel as though this blog is part of my online diary, I get to share my thoughts and opinions about things and it lets me release anything that is on my mind. I love taking photos, writing, reading and watching tv on my bed in comfy clothes. I'm growing as an individual and forming new opinions about things each day, hopefully you might want to listen to some of them in this blog.

Hey you, I'm Apple. 

I'm a dog-person. I cry over books and movies. I love going outdoors and exploring places with Bailey, I also like coffee and hiding at home. My friends would say I'm very direct and quite sentimental. Two of my favourite quotes which I live by is: "if not now then when?" and "it always seems impossible until it's done". I'm still trying to find my life's passion. But in the process, I want to do more while I'm young. Everyday I'm grateful and happy. :)

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