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Fitness Journey: Month Two

Monday, February 9, 2015
It's the 8th already?! Feels like yesterday when we wrote our first Fitness Journey post, but we've come quite a far way since then.

I think we've both done quite well, Soph has been keeping to a weekly gym and running schedule, covering more distance each time. I've ran my first 10km marathon and it didn't kill me. To keep the ball rolling, we've both signed up for a 6km one in March, and will probably keep doing marathons as a way to motivate us to run consistently.

Looking back at our aims from the last month, we did not achieve dropping a few kilos, but we do feel that our tightest jeans are now looser on the waist. Our colleagues have noticed some changes in us too. The 45 seconds plank is no longer a torturous challenge to me (but still a painful one), and I'll be aiming for 50 seconds this month. Sophia no longer feels that much of a strain on her legs when running, thanks to leg extension training.


Things to improve on:

  • Keeping to running 12km per week (now I cover around 9km)
  • Strictly no snacking on biscuits during work hour. Stash up on some fruits/nuts instead. Also no food intake after 8:30pm on weekdays.
  • Build more on the core - meaning more crunches, planks.
  • Drinking more water- my water intake needs to improve more.
  • More leg training- leg extensions, squats
  • Weight training- we've started with 2kg for our arms

Sophia: I started doing moving push ups which are a killer for arms and the core. I had a mini achievement goal of mine completed this month too. There's one section of the park that I could only previously run halfway through, now I can run to the end and jog a little on the way back. It's things like this that has really made me happy with how far I've improved compared to when I ran for the first time ever. I'm looking forward to moving up my running, instead of aiming to do a certain km per month, I've decided that each time I run, I'll try and run a little bit longer than usual to push myself more. But I also know when to stop as well, if you feel like it's getting too much, you can take a rest. Next month is my first marathon, I'm pretty nervous about it but excited, it's things like these that pushes me. Physically there might not be any major differences, but I feel a huge difference in myself and I want to keep pushing myself to achieve these goals.

"The only person I want to beat, is myself"

Inspirations this month:

  • @sugarrandspice on IG. She's a Nike Influencer, and constantly inspires and amazes us with her creative (and impossible) workouts on her page. 
  • @heyclaire on IG. Just because she has such a sexy figure and i absolutely ADORE her fashion sense. She makes me want to have a more toned figure so I could also look good in those clothes.
  • @blogilates on IG. Cassey has a bubbly personality that motivates you to keep working out.

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