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We Never Go Out of Style

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The deets- Jumper- HK boutique, Shorts- H&M, Coat- 7 Modifier, Shoes- Converse, Bag- Riverisland

A few weekends ago, Michelle and I went on an exploring food adventure amongst the Sheung Wan jungle hill landscapes. As per blogger style, we explored the best place to take outfit pictures. Sheung Wan is definitely hilly, we prepared for this, flat shoes at the ready.

Also, who knew blogging could be so dangerous ;) some of these pictures involved being taken from the middle of the road to capture the ‘best shot’, #bloggerproblems and behind the scenes tidbits for you guys.
For lunch, we settled down at Yonge Piggies for some delicious fusion Canadian hotdogs, I chose the smoked hot dog with grilled onions (the best topping ever), sauerkraut and relish, and shared some fries with Michelle.

Then later on, we wondered over to Central- LKF ;) (an area in Hong Kong known for it's clubbing/bars) as Michelle found this really nice American-Asian fushion restaurant 'street meat', I ordered the Lobster Roll with a Yoko Ono cocktail and it was divine. Michelle decided on the Beef Ramen burger and a Chuck Bass cocktail. Street Meat had an innovative design, you ate food next to the open kitchen, and through the doors (after you passed the staff's finger print security) a seperate bar and open seating area for some pre-drinks. I would definitely recommend this place for something a bit special and different.

pics taken by Michelle (thank you!)

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