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Guilin China Travel: Photo Diary 2014

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Elephant Trunk Hill ( 象鼻山) the symbol of the city of Guilin. Doesn't it look like an elephant drinking water?

                              Locals keen on selling their photo-taking-on-the-raft service for RMB10

Melody in a beautiful traditional dress of the Zhuang people 

Mountains watching over Yangshuo (陽朔)

West Street (西街,陽朔)famous night life. This bar featured one of the best live bands i've ever heard in fact, along with some other surprisingly good entertainment like pole-dancing and almost naked women that you can't find in Hong Kong (or at least I've yet to have found one)

Fluffy & sweet flower-shaped cotton candies for only RMB5 - if only we could go back for more!

Seven Stars Cave (七星洞)- beautiful based on how far your imagination stretches (fyi the colors are produced by lights. We innocently thought mother nature did magic and made the rocks colorful)

Inside a park in Yangshuo

No mountain can stop us along Li River (漓江), where we flowed 83km in super cold weather from Guilin to Yangshuo 

Mountains are our friends in Yangshuo

Beer Fish (啤酒魚)is THE dish to get when you visit Yangshuo. Available in pretty much every restaurant, a whole fish costs only around RMB90-150 depending on your fish of choice, cooked with addictive flavoring that made us eat 2 bowls of rice each

Finally, this post-card worthy scene of our last day at Yangshuo.

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