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Our 2015 Goals

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sophia's 2015 Goals
1) Drink more water- this is so important and one I try to do everyday, I need to drink more water especially to keep my body healthy.

2) Write more- regardless of writing more blog posts, letters, emails etc. I just need to write more and express my thoughts through this good ol' fashioned way. 

 3) Learn- Learning is to do with self improvement so, I really want to improve my mandarin and other things such as learning to code, improve my photo taking skills etc.

4) Exercise- I feel like this is everyone's goal right? But I really want to keep healthy, I'm not that  young anymore, I need to start doing some more exercise, my metabolism isn't what it used to be.

5) Save Money- Another adult realisation, I want to save more of my money for experiences etc but also for those rainy days.  

6) Take more pictures- Believe it or not, I hate being in pictures, but I need to treasure the people around me and by doing that, documenting in pictures.

Hopefully by blogging about our goals, we can also give you updates with how we are progressing! Got to keep that motivation up ;)

Apple's 2015 Goals

1) To learn what's more important to me: standing up for myself or holding it in - I've never really learned how to handle the emotion of anger. Anger makes me shake incontrolably inside and it drives me to tears. As a result, most of the time when I see something that I feel with every cell of my body is wrong, I just watch and don't say anything. Because I'm afraid of the reaction - from the other person and of my own. If i spoke out, would he argue back? Would he say something mean? Would other people support him? And they all boil down to: would I feel embarrassed and even worse - angry? All these thoughts have stopped me from speaking out all my life. I need to find whether I prefer to voice it out and avoid the consequences, or hold it in and bear with the situation.

2) Practice long-term commitment in something
Whether it is exercising three times a week, blogging more often, or whether it is to finish that coding course I've started months ago. I want to aim to hold the passion/commitment for something I've started and actually get it done. Cos it's all or nothing, right?

3) Build some muscle, lose more fat
So that I can move lighter, faster, have a wider option of clothes, feel more confident, feel healthier. I'm aiming to drop a few kilos or a few inches - haven't decided which yet. 

4) Grow the business
I'm working on something small on the side of my day-time job. I'm not aiming to get rich & famous like Richard Branson level. But I do want to be financially free. By this, I mean not having to worry about the monthly bills, and to be able to afford the food, holidays and treats I want and my loved ones want, without being pulled back by the prices.

5) Be a better person
The last and the most important one, yet also the hardest to measure, I want be become a better person. A better version of me would be kinder, less calculative, more giving, more forgiving, more accepting, more humble, more patient, less self-centric.

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