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Fitness journey: Month One

Monday, January 12, 2015

To be honest we don't recall when we started exercising exactly, but it should be round about a month by now. We will try to update on the 8th of every month for the next 6 months, to see how far we go :) and we'd like to share our progress with you for two reasons. (1) a public declaration is far more powerful than a personal one (because it'll make us look like such losers if we didn't follow through)  (2) we hope that our progress will be a bit of inspiration for someone out there - to stay healthy and to put some effort into loving your body more. <3

source: http://zealousswimwear.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Exercise-Quotes-91.jpg

We started off with

  • A feeling of heaviness and just general unfitness 
  • A little bit of running (1km) would tire us both mentally and physically
  • A lot of water retention in the body
  • An unhealthy BMI and the depressing realization of being overweight
    -Sophia 61.7kg
  • Apple: 67kg (how did i get here i don't know)

What we've done this month

  • Maintained the oomph to gym twice a week. Once for cardio and the other for muscle building.
    The commitment is often the hardest part in the exercising routine, so if you do decide to start on one, grab a friend to do it with you! Working out together is fun and you can motivate each other to keep going.
  • Planks
    -Daily planks for Sophia
    -2/3 times per week for Apple (because I suck that's why. Ok, this needs to change)
  • Took the stairs instead of the escalator whenever we had the chance
  • Running
  • -Sophia: Around 4km per week- I find running so difficult, breathing difficulties, leg pains, dry throat
    -Apple: approximately 5km per week. It started off really hard, i experienced everything from cramps on my sides, ankle sores, running out of breathe easily, etc etc.

What we have achieved

  •  Running
    -Apple: I can now do 3km at a good pace, without feeling exhausted and have no cramps either.
  • -Soph: About 2km for me (a slow runner) but achievable for me

Useful motivators

  • RunKeeper app
    IMO this app is a must-have for all serious runners. It's useful because it helps keep track of your running distance (via GPS), time and pace. It gives you a push when you run by reporting your running duration every 5 minutes, which makes me want to hit the next interval even more. It also has some useful training programs, but I've yet to explore them so can't comment much on that yet. Will get back to you when I do :)
  • Spotify app
    Spotify's workout playlists has helped distract me from my own thoughts during the run (nudging me to stop running...so annoying), and also gave me a beat-pace to maintain.
  • Heathly Instagrammers- this one sounds odd, but following people on instagram who post pictures of healthy eating or working out is so motivating, it makes you want to eat healthier and feel a bit more inspired. Ones I would recommend- blogilates, toneitup, wholelivinglauren

 Our aim for next month

  •  Running
    -Apple: be able to cover at least 12km per week
    -Sophia: cover around 10km per week- running 3 times a week
  • Weight
    -Apple: aiming for 64kg at least.
    -Sophia: Honestly, for this I would like to loose a few more kg, but I rarely weigh myself haha
  • Strength 
    Sophia- more weight training for me, I want to be able to achieve pull ups
  • -Apple - to be able to do 45 seconds of plank without feeling like death is near
  • Food
    -Apple: No snacking at work. Eat less carbs in general.
    -Sophia: Eat a bit healthier, stop snacking as much and as always, drink more water!

 *Don't aim to be someone else, instead aim to be a better version of yourself*

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