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Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats

Monday, January 12, 2015
I'm wearing shorts.. honest, also check out the mardy face (I still need to practice my poses, clearly).

Last weekend, we went to the AIA Carnival in Central, which is relatively new for Hong Kong. It boasts a selection of fun fair games, snacks, and rides. Apple won a lot of cuddly toys for Bailey, and I snacked on some delicious food (except the paella , walk away from the paella guys).

It's definitely a fun day out, and something different to do in HK, good for families, and even the more outgoing dates ;) saw a lot of guys winning toys for their dates, they were certainly brave ;)

I pieced this random outfit together- comfort is definitely a 100% priority for me and I adore this flannel shirt from Uniqlo, they have so many options to choose from as well. The side bag is super soft, and only cost me $110 from a boutique, absolute bargain!

Top- Uniqlo Flannel Shirt
Shorts- H&M Boyfriend Fit
Scarf- Bossini
Bag-A boutique in HK
Coat-  7 Modifier

The AIA Carnival is in Central till Mid February 2015, more info here

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