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For the girl who should move on

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

You take a path and you reach the middle and can only take one route. By the side is an old man, and he tells you that if you take the left path- and he will give you map and you will be able to find a way out of the dead end. Whereas, the right path, it will guide you to a dead end where it will take you a long time to figure out how to get out.

It’s a no brainer right? You would choose the left path for sure. However, if we apply this theory to the affairs of the heart, I think most of us lean towards the right path, we decide to keep on going down this unknowing path, not sure what the outcome will be but we waste our time on the right path thinking we will be able to find our way out. Reality hits, and thinks that the left path should have been my first choice but surely it’s too late now? We cling on to this hope, the hope that we will find our way out of there, or in real terms, that the person you desperately are clinging on to will show you the affection you've been wanting.

I think I’ve been fighting between the two paths lately, lying to myself thinking that I chose the left path- having the map and directions to get out, when really all along I’ve been stuck on the right path, not sure where I’m going. It's not a bad thing, please don't take it as a bad thing, sometimes we need to be stuck somewhere, not quite know where to go so we can figure out a way out of there.

I want to make a choice, and choose the left one, to take the directions and get out. Let's not stay in here anymore.

'She lost him. But she found herself, and somehow that was everything.' 

*For the girl posts are a series of posts dedicated for the girl who needs a little guidance, a little reminder and a push to always achieve 

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