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From the Archives: November Vlogs

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Yes, you read it right, November! Talk about slow editing, am I right? I'm a big procrastinator, so editing and I are slowing forming a stable relationship. I'm still adjusting to editing, which combines umming and ahhing over whether the clips look good. Causes a hell of a lot of problems, but I'm getting there! These clips were combined together from a weekend in November, giving a little insight of alternative things to do in Hong Kong, especially cycling- Tai Po really is great for cycling.

Also, if you're a editing noob like moi and using a windows laptop, I use Filmora Wondershare to edit these videos. I bought the paid version which cost me around 200HKD for a year, a pretty good deal for software (after searching the internet- yes I looked into page 10!)

Filmora is pretty easy to use, more advanced that the built in Windows video editing, and costs a fraction of the price of the Adobe video editor. They also have video tutorials and I find the layout pretty easy to use, you can try out their free version too but it has their watermark embedded into your videos.

Looking forward to sharing more videos with you all, and please subscribe to our youtube channel for more videos!

-Sophia x

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