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Wednesday, March 30, 2016
The first quarter of this year has zoomed by. At work, we're starting the most anticipated time of the year where everyone gets their Appraisals done, and find out whether they're doomed or doing well. I think the question on most people's minds is definitely, "will I get a pay raise?", especially in a city like Hong Kong, where money is king.

Personally, the question I find myself thinking about the most at this time of the year is, what should my new goals be? What skills should I develop?

I realize again and again that my greatest strength and downfall is my ability to get hyped up and enthusiastic about learning about a new thing, then failing to commit to it till the end. Do you guys have this problem? Also, how do you find time to do all the things you want to do?

I'm determined to complete these by the end of April:

  • HTML5 & CSS lessons (Codecademy)
  • Adobe Illustrator lessons (Tutsplus)
  • HK food video
Pinch me if I don't ;)


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