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20 Things We Are Grateful For

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Albeit this being a post later than Thanksgiving day, there are always things Sophia and I are grateful for - everyday, in the moment, and radiating from the existence as who we are today.

1. Good health.
Experiencing days where I can wake up, feel fresh, breathe right and not have any pains or deformities in my body is a blessing. Many of us take our well-being for granted, but being healthy to fully live your days uninterrupted by bodily discomforts, is something worth celebrating, don't you think?

2. Family
Because there's no one else in this world who loves you more and you care about more than family. And because they are the reason you fight for most of the things in life.

3. Colleagues-Friends
When you start working, it's hard to draw the line between colleagues and friends. What do you call the person who sits two desks away from you but with whom you've also spent the weekend having an epic drunk sleepover with? No matter how shitty a work day is, frolleagues are only a skype chat away.

4. Happy Pets
Bailey and my hamster starts off my day with their happy faces. And bailey will cover me in morning kisses and lots of love for the rest of the day. I come home from work, I see bailey and I feed her and give her cuddles, then suddenly it's like my life has a purpose other than creating excel reports.

5. Love
When you have someone who takes care of your needs, who helps to wash the dishes when you've had a long day, who helps to share the weight of shopping bags, of overwhelming thoughts, of late night chats and gossips, of best movies in the cinema, of troubles, sick nights and healthy days, pots of laughter, of dreams, patience, understanding, compromise, trust, and support. I am so grateful to have found the love that I need.

6. Coffee
Don't know how else I would have survived 9 months of office life without this godsent drink.

7. Happy & content days
I know how they say that being happy is an attitude. Some days, you have the attitude and some days you don't. I'm grateful for the days when something just clicks in my head, and no matter what troubles try to break me down, I still carry a smile and fluffy warmness in my heart - because everything is good the way it is, and I am happy.

8. Witnessing kind acts
Some days, Hong Kong can really get up my nerves. When I am cramped into someone's armpit in a crowded MTR, or when a cashier lady is rude even when I'm the one who's paying,  I feel the fumes burning in my body. But sometimes, once in a while, I see some goodness in people. Like when the young man stands up from his comfortable seat to offer it to the old woman, or when a middle aged woman offers her place in the bus queue to a man in clutches. These little acts of kindness ignites hope and warmness.

9. A good song
It's not everyday that you find a song so good that you just have to loop and reloop for 3 days straight until it no longer appeals to you. When such a discovery is made, I am more than grateful.

10. Home
Paying rent sucks. But having a place to stay, with a kitchen, a bathroom, a bed and enough space to store my belongings - this is a blessing. Also I am super grateful for the supply of warm water during winter days. Like seriously.

11. Fulfilling goals
It was one of my goals moving to Hong Kong and settling down, I'm grateful I took the risk and chance to come over here, some days are tough, but I don't regret this decision at all.

12. New Experiences
Ever since I moved over, I've embraced trying more new things and going to different places. I never got the chance when I was younger, so now at this time in my life and the world is so small- experiencing new things is always something to try. You should at least try something new once.

Travelling is another part of my new experiences challenge, I love going to new countries and see how people live culturally and just enjoy this experience. In December we are going to Guilin for the first time ever, we are pretty excited!

14. Supporting Myself
Working means I have enough to support myself for now which makes me feel the most independent and a grown up, paying rent and bills suck but it's nice to not have to ask for things.

15. Learning
It sounds super geeky I know, but I really enjoy learning- I want to practice and better myself, learning and having great friends that teach me mandarin ;) also learning new skills is always a good thing.

16. Food
This is pretty obvious, but I am so grateful for food, also even more grateful that Hong Kong has so many varieties of food to choose from,

17. Parks
I think Hong Kong has some of the best parks I've ever seen, it's always nice to go for a walk and just breathe in the fresh air :)

18. Books 
Reading a book takes you to a different world, I love sitting down and reading a good book, there's so many to choose from to!

19. Lazy Days
Going to work all week can be pretty draining, so I love a good lay in and lazy day on the weekends, some times, you just need a lazy day at home!

20. City Living
It gets a bit hectic at times but I really appreciate living in a place where things are so convenient, food, travel everything is right at my fingertips.

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