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Cafe Je T'aime review

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tucked away in the little old streets of Sheung Shui, you would definitely not notice this place. But inside, you are taken away with the intricate decor of this place- reminds me of a cute little cafe in my hometown in the UK.

Foodwise, there's only two dishes, so this place is definitely a coffee and cake chill out spot. My friend ordered the white mocha, and banana chocolate cake. I had the orange hot chocolate and tiramisu. The hot chocolate was delicious, definitely reminded me of a Terry's chocolate orange, the desserts that we had were really good too.

did we love it? Yes, the desserts and drinks were so fresh and creamy, and this was such a good place to have a good old natter without being asked to leave because of people queuing outside. One place in Sheung Shui that is packed with people! I'd definitely recommend and come back to this place for another good cup of hot goodness!
blushes- 7/10 (I'd love to see some more food dishes)

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