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Review: Lush You've been Mangoed!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

So, I've used 'you've been mangoed'  a few times now and I have noticed that it doesn't receive much love. But when I saw it in the lush shop, only two left, I knew I had to snap them up. 'You've been mangoed' is traditionally a bath melt, but I've always used this as a shower soap/ gel. This has a powerful lemon, grapefruit oil scent, which is personally my favourite type of scent from lush. I wish I could bottle this and use it as perfume- I'm that obsessed with this scent. This also contains a lot of natural essential oils, so it does leave your skin feeling moisturised and smooth. I would definitely repurchase this (and I have!) it's definitely my favourite lush product! I would highly recommend any lemon lovin' people to try this and be thoroughly impressed ;)

Have you ever tried this? What is your favourite lush product? 

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