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The Kids Are Alright

Monday, May 11, 2015

Bag- Rabeanco, Top- HK boutique, BF Shorts- H&M, converse
During Easter (this is how long it takes me to get posts up sometimes!) we went over to Sai Kung, for some breathtaking views and mostly to enjoy the sceneries of Sai Kung. As it's known now, Sai Kung is mostly a place where local HK people go, full of country parks, islands, fresh seafood and the best views.

The beautiful sailing boats full of people failing at life even more than us that day, were taken at Wong Shek pier (黃石), look at that clear blue water. We stood amused for half an hour watching people attempt to stand up on their little boats. Laugh as much as we could, they would always do a better job of it than us.

Our main purpose that day was to hit up the HK observatory park to star gaze- which was a real trek to get to- we ended up hailing a random taxi, and 60 dollars later we realised we had been thoroughly punked! The 'observatory park' was the size of a typical HK kids playground. After realising this and with no public transport in sight, we decided the walk up to the main road was the only solution. After trekking for half an hour, the hike was definitely worth it. We were greeted with this view:

Sometimes getting lost is the best thing, you discover new things and feel a bit refreshed when you reach civilisation too. I'm all for getting lost again, but next time, I definitely need to pack some snacks.

-Sophia x

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