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Thought of the day

Thursday, May 21, 2015
There are two types of people in this world. Those who say, want, hope. And those who do. I think we both know which type goes further in life.

Question is, which type are you? If you truly acknowledged the short span of your life, how far are you willing to go? Don't you ever wonder how far you can go if you truly, full-heartedly worked towards your goals?

I personally don't understand people who limit themselves. Those who say, "I want to learn so-and-so, but only after I've finished this". But truth is they don't ever finish "this". Or even if they do, the thing they wanted to learn in the first place is long forgotten, or no longer feels important.

I also do not agree with the mindset of "I'll do it when I'm ready", or the most common one, "I want to date, but I don't think i'm ready yet". What is "ready"? Do you have a timer in your body that just one day wakes up and says "it's time to get out there!". Or do you picture a particular day in your life where your workload will magically lighten, and there will be less bills to pay, fewer chores to handle, hence you will "be ready" to take on a relationship? Or is that just your excuse of saying, I don't care enough, or is not courageous enough to do it. Don't sit around and wait for things to happen. Get off your bum, today. now.

Apologies for the outburst. This marks as a good reminder for myself, and hopefully also a spark of inspiration for you.


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