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Fitness Journey: Month Four (Feb)

Friday, May 1, 2015
We have to admit, these last two months we have slacked. Work has been busy which should not be an excuse as exercise only really takes up a small percentage of our time. Time to get motivated again and start going to the gym!

Sophia- Last month I actually ran my first marathon! I ran the WWF run for change and on the same day bought my first 'grown up bag' (more on that later) so it felt like a real motivation to keep on running. 6km isn't the longest marathon, but I've really improved these last few months with my running. From not being able to run for 5 minutes to being able to keep at a good pace for 40-50 minutes boosted my confidence so much. Unfortunately, since the marathon I have been slacking off. But I plan to run when I feel a bit better. These last few days though, I have been doing the blogilates arm challenge and some ab exercises, so hopefully when I don't feel up to doing the cardio, I'm still doing some pilates exercises!

Apple- Right. So this month I've done pretty much no exercise other than the occasional runs with Sophia. I even skipped the WWF run because I fell sick :( and then I just completely slacked. Why? Because I'm just a big fat lazy pig that's why. *crawls into hole and hides from the human race*  OK but i'm happy to say that Soph and I have started picking it up again this month, going for weekend runs to keep up with our fitness plan.

To improve on:
  • Going to the gym at least once a week
  • Toning exercises- specifically abs, arms 
  • Keep on doing cardio

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