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Glasses for Headaches

Monday, April 27, 2015
Working in an office means staring at the computer screen for around 9 hours is the norm for me (and most people!). I use use most my energy focusing on whats on my computer screen. Moving over from my previous job where I never had to stare at my computer for so long (except for my countless binge watching of Youtube videos)

I had heard about blue filter glasses from word of mouth, and I thought I would give them a try. This ones, I bought from Egg (blue block range) and they don't have any prescription as luckily I still don't require full time prescription glasses. After the first day of wearing them, my eyes felt less tired and the headache feeling that I had previously got went away, I did worry it was a placebo effect so I tried them for a week- still no headaches! Currently I've been wearing them for a few months now and definitely notice a difference, my eyes don't feel so tired and dry. However, even though you have an added blue filter added to your glasses, remember to take some breaks from your computer screen even if it is for a few seconds per hour!

I would highly recommend using these glasses if you've been experiencing the same problems that I had previously faced. I'm sure plenty of opticians have this filter range too now, you can inquire more instore. The egg range in Hong Kong is very affordable and I love their styles.

Aside from using glasses though, you can also download blue filter apps on your phone and desktop computers, protect your eyes peeps.


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