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Why Sai Kung is one of my favourite places in Hong Kong

Friday, April 3, 2015

1. It's a good dog's world

If you are a dog lover, animal lover, is easily defeated by cuteness, is a dog or a puppy, your eyes will pop when you see the Sai Kung dog crowd! Bailey met so many new friends today :)

I only took photos of the small kids, but in Sai Kung, both big and small, fat and thin doggies are everywhere! :D They're super friendly too.

2. Pets are welcome

Since there are so many pups everywhere, most cafe and restaurants in Sai Kung are pet-friendly. Look at Bailey enjoying her tea. (nah not really, she had boring water only)

3. The seafood is fresh and many. 

There is a queue of fishermen boats along the pier with their freshly caught fish, prawn, lobsters, crabs, shellfish, starfish (I didn't know starfish were edible?!), and some other seafood I can't even identify. All sitting and waiting to be bought. Seafood restaurants can also be found all along the pier, in case you can't wait to taste the amazing catch.

4. Beach! 

If you walk along the pier for around 15 minutes (many dogs will be walking with you), you'll find yourself at a beach! It's not the prettiest of beaches, but it's lovely and calm, with kayaks for rent, a BBQ spot, dogs swimming, sand, water.. you get the gist.

You can also rent a boat/yacht and go out to sea with your friends for a day.

There are many other activities you can do at Sai Kung, and I've only named a handful.
If you're looking for a laidback and close-to-sea spot to spend your weekend, Sai Kung is a good place to be. Do note that it can get quite crowded during public holidays or weekends since it's such a popular place for both locals and tourists.


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