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Take Me Away to Better Days

Friday, April 3, 2015

Top- Forever 21
Jeans- Uniqlo
Jacket- Zara
Shoes- Converse
Bag- ANS
Sunglasses- Primark

We visited Tai O, known as the Venice of Hong Kong, a few weeks ago purely for the prospects of seeing some Chinese White dolphins.Tai O is a little island situated near Tung Chung of Hong Kong. Popular for it's sunsets (which we also managed to not see), stilt houses and seafood.

This sums up Michelle and I, the sun literally disappeared behind the clouds!

It was really scenic walking around this quaint village, and we were so amazed with how the people lived too. This village supports itself from earning it's income through fishing and selling local made items to tourists. It is the only island in Hong Kong with the traditional stilt houses too, so if you ever visit Hong Kong, I would recommend you to see this place whilst you can! Hopefully you can catch a sight of the dolphins ;)

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