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Time to Declutter

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hi, it's been a while, (hope you had a good Christmas!) I guess this is more of a reminder note to myself as I go forth next year. It's that time to start resolutions and goals, which I will do and hopefully stick to. However, I also wanted to write something quickly about decluttering. After chatting with the girls today, I realised, I have a lot stuff. Mostly because my friend had the smallest amount of clothing in her wardrobe and did she seem unhappier about it? No. In fact, I think she's pretty pleased that she can open her wardrobe and not feel overwhelmed with how many things are cluttering her life.

I know the book that has been going around 'the life changing magic of tidying' and I'm sure it is- life changing I mean. However, I think before this book came out, I already knew I needed to declutter. Sometimes having a lot of things is a good thing, but if you start to feel overwhelmed then it can be the usual struggle.

It's also circles back to the problems of having too much to choose from, the options are endless now, one example is what do I wear today? Once I spent a good half an hour just deciding what to wear. What an utter waste of my time! Mark Zuckerburg, CEO of Facebook has worn the same thing every day for so long because he knows that he doesn't have to waste his time thinking about it. I'm not going to declare that I will start wearing the same thing every day, but my aim will definitely to be streamline the wardrobe (maybe try the capsule wardrobe thang) and make life easier for myself.

Sometimes, less really is more.

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