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Why I Love Christmas

Saturday, December 12, 2015

I adore Christmas, it's one of my favourite holidays and now that I'm in Hong Kong, I have to say the Christmas spirit isn't as strong here. I do miss home most around this time, hearing Christmas songs and when you're buying Christmas presents everyone loves a good natter (also I hate small talk so even I get in the Christmas spirit!)

It might be odd that I love Christmas so much, over Chinese New Year as well (all those red pockets!) However, Christmas was always fun for me because my parents used to work non stop throughout the year, Christmas was their little holiday. My sister and I had our own routine, waking up and going downstairs in our pjs. Opening presents together and just binge watch all the Christmas films during the day with our hot chocolates and toffee popcorn. My favourite Christmas film is the Santa Clause, I absolutely adore it and can and will watch it on repeat. We're spoilt with other TV shows too from Doctor Who specials or Sherlock specials to other festive films.

My parents would wake up a little later and open up their presents too, then we would start making our Christmas dinner! Usually filled with chicken or duck, my dad isn't a fan of turkey as he thinks it's rather dry and I have to agree. Sneaking in a game of Mahjong then making some more hot chocolate, Christmas for me is really spending time with my family. If you can, appreciate the ones around you, and hope you have a lovely holiday! I'll spending mine with extended family and friends :)

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