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Master of None Review

Thursday, November 26, 2015
I have a new addiction and that is 'Master of None' starring Aziz Ansari (notable works- Parks and Recreation and his best selling book- Modern Romance) and now stars and writes his own Netflix exclusive TV show 'Master of None' to describe it in one word, I would say it's refreshing. So great to see a show like this and makes us question, why has it taken this long?

Master of none deals with the complex ways of being an adult, from learning how to find your calling and way in life to the social issues that we face. One of social issues that it covers is mostly race but paints such a true and accurate portrayal of how society treats different ethnicities. Clearly exampled in episode 4, titled ‘Indians on TV’ where Dev has to face castings and put on the ever famously racially stereotyped “Indian accent’ and that each Indian actor or any other actor of colour has to be racially cast as the background actor. Repeatedly put into the boxes of the same rolls- store owner, taxi driver etc.

As a first generation born Brit, I definitely can relate to all the things that Aziz highlights in his show, he exemplifies how difficult our parents childhoods were compared to ours and that we shouldn’t take it for granted that they sacrificed their lifestyle so their own children could have a better one.

As for the casting of this show, it’s racially diverse too, expected when the show itself talks heavily about current race issues that underpin our society as of now. The show packs a lot of funny punches and comedic timings, as well as summing up the problems that no one really wants to talk about. Feminist issues, racial issues as well as societal pressures such as getting married and being expected to have children.

I’m looking forward to seeing another season of it, as I only have one more episode left to watch! I’m already anxiously hoping for its renewal. I highly, highly, highly recommend you to watch it.

Master of None, a Netflix series.

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