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20 Things We've Learned From Working In An Office

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
1. Always keep a jacket at work.

2. Most meetings are a waste of time. If you are leading one, prepare a meeting agenda, and always send a meeting summary email afterwards.

3. You will grow fatter, very quickly.

4. There will be people who are very cool outside of work, but you just can't stand them as a colleague.

5. Sometimes you just have to learn to let shit go.

6. People know who performs and who doesn't.

7. Hard work isn't enough, sometimes to get noticed, you have to ask questions, you have to do more than was expected, you have to speak up.

8. Work smart, not just hard.

9. Take notes, find a good project management tool. I'd recommend Trello, Evernote and Wrike.

10. Who ends up being your manager says a lot about your future career path.

11. There will always be someone who shows up later than you for work.

12. Meetings will almost never start on time and will include some technical faults

13. If you have a Finance team, you can go to them for Excel help

14. Make friends with the IT staff, they are the best people and the most useful

15. Ask for things after 10am (when people have had their coffees)

16. If your office is cool and lets you listen to music while you work, bring headphones, and if you can't listen to music on your desktop, use your phone.

17. You'll be super grateful for the genuine people you meet at work.

18. Monday's are just the worse, but Fridays are the best day of the weekday.

19. If you have free time, you will never be more appreciative.

20.You really appreciate the people who have great work ethics.

Finally, and most importantly, eventhough this is said too often that it's a cliche - find what you love to do, and don't stop until you get there. Take classes outside of work time, read books, find your passion.

-Apple & Sophia

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