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The Triple Threat

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Let's just say that I adore a good face mask, and these are my top of the bunch (yes they are all origins) but recently they were promoting their campaigns about combining their masks together so I thought I would have a try too. Previously, I used these masks on their own on seperate occasions but now I like to combine them together for better results.

Firstly, after washing my face and steaming it with a hot cloth, I apply the Clear Improvement Mask on my nose. Then, I use Out of Trouble for the rest of my face and wait for it all to dry. After using some warm water to wash the masks off. I apply the Drink up Intensive for an overnight use. This stuff smells delicious and leaves my skin feeling plump in the morning.

Both Clear improvement and Out of trouble are clay masks, I would also recommend Lush's Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask for giving your skin a good cleanse. For other hydrating masks, I also adore the Annie's Way Brightening Mask

If there are any other mask suggestions, please let me know!

-Sophia x

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