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UN Global Goals

Monday, November 9, 2015
Recently I heard about the Global Goals, which was a list of 17 Global Goals to achieve these three aims:
  • End extreme poverty
  • Fight inequality & injustice
  • Fix climate change
These 17 goals aimed to help the above three points, hoping to be able to improve it for the next 15 years time. I wrote a little post for my own Instagram & Facebook pages, sharing my main goal which is number 10- reduced inequalities.

 "I first heard about the UN Global Goals a few weeks ago, and loved the idea of it. But it's just an idea, people need to make it a reality. They asked which one you supported the most and although I like what all the goals aim to achieve, the one I relate to the most and feel strongest towards is number 10- reduced inequalities. As a female and also, if you haven't noticed, Chinese. I've faced a lot of inequalities throughout my life, and even now I still struggle with it. Life has definitely improved compared to how it used to be, but it hasn't fully changed. There are still barriers, so, no matter your sex, race, religion or sexual orientation. Everyone deserves to be treated equal. I hope I can make a small change towards this"

Number 10 means so much to me personally because I feel as though my race really impacted my life, when it shouldn't of. I don't want to focus too much on this, but I was bullied quite a bit during my primary and secondary school days. I would get teased and picked on, and even now I know that if I walk down a street there will most likely be a sly comment directed towards me. Stupid things like a crappy 'ni hao' or even some made up Chinese to try and belittle me. I don't know if they are doing it spitefully, but from the looks on these people's faces when they do it, it's not out of love.

It's a shame really, that as a society race/sex/sexual orientation/religion is still an issue. Sure, it's definitely improved, but not 100%, you are still disadvantaged because of the colour of your skin, how your hair is and if you look 'different', whether you follow a certain faith. You might think, oh I'm just one person, what on earth can I contribute? Then you're wrong, you can contribute everything, as one more voice can make such a difference. Look, I'm not forcing you to follow these rules and pick one, but realise that as a human being, you have a voice and can be heard. Use that power wisely. If you ever see someone else get picked on because of their race, sexual orientation, religion or sex, CALL IT OUT. You'll feel so much better and you will be doing the biggest favour for mankind. 

This is one world after all, we all have to live in it. Also it's 2015, we're inventing things like teleporters but people are still being treated unequal, how is this social justice?

-Sophia x

psst- find more info about the UN GLOBAL GOALS

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