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Art Central 2016

Saturday, April 16, 2016
It was Art Week in Hong Kong a few weeks ago and my friend and I were debating which one to go to- Art Basel or Art Central? Art Basel is known for it's international appeal of art work, this time with artists like Tracey Emin flying over to Hong Kong. Whereas Art Central was mostly local and Asian artists, with a few Western artists too. We purchased the early bird that admitted two people for $280 and went over on the last day.

One of the first installations that we saw as soon as you entered Art Central, were these beautiful moving Swarovski crystal art works that would move if you made sound around it. Kids were happily clapping away trying to get it to move, and I was busy stomping to see how it would react. 

 I used to watch the Mighty boosh, and these paintings brought back memories of the graphics that were in the credits screen.
Textile art work made intricately from wool! Imagine how much time this must of taken to make. 

I'll be honest, this was moving and I was terrified it would roll away, haha!

In total we spent four hours walking around and really appreciated how much work went into each piece of art work. The paintings below were my favourites, I love nature as it is but the detail that went into the canvas was extraordinary. You can watch the video above to experience Art Central too :)

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