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Ham Tin Wan, Tai Long Wan- Sai Kung

Sunday, April 17, 2016
 Last weekend, after getting jealous of everyone's beautiful beach pictures, we decided to hit one ourselves. Getting to Tai Long Wan is a little tricky, we went to Choi Hung MTR station first, got the 1A green minibus from exit C1 to Sai Kung Centre. Once we reached Sai Kung, we walked over to the pier front and found a boat taxi to take us over to Tai Long Wan. The ticket cost us about $200 which was pretty expensive, but we did get the whole boat to ourselves and the boat ride took around 40 minutes. Tai Long Wan is split into four areas- Sai Wan, Ham Tin Wan, Tai Wan and Tong Wan. We got directed to go to Ham Tin Wan as the beach was bigger there as well as having a restaurant and public toilet facilities. All of the beaches are accessible by the hiking trails.

We didn't end up taking the private boat back to Sai Kung Pierfront, (try to book it at the restaurant as the latest boat leaves around 5pm) but we hiked it back to civilization instead. The hike took us two hours in total, and it was all up hill which explained why we never saw any hikers behind us. Nevertheless, once we hit the top of the mountain we felt so proud of ourselves. The hike is part of the famous Maclehose Trail and walked over to Sai Wan Road.

Ham Tin Wan is a lovely beach, and is hidden away from the usual bustle that beaches have these days. Really relaxing and clean, but it's definitely not as convenient compared to beaches in Repulse Bay. Be prepared to hike, or spend some money on the boat taxis if you don't feel like the two hour hike over and bring supplies. Yes, that man made bridge is terrifying, so wear some comfy shoes.

Our beach video below:

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