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Intercontinental High Tea for Mother's Day

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Next month is Mother's Day in Hong Kong and the USA, so if you were pondering where to spoil your favourite lady, I have just the suggestion. The Intercontinental hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, has several high tea sets to choose from. The cosy lounge means you get a wonderful view of the harbour (weather permitting) and the service is great too.

There are four high tea sets to choose from, feeling spendy we chose the champagne tea set and soon it was flowing. The sets have three layers, savoury sandwiches at the bottom, mouth watering cakes in the middle and jams on the top. As well a warm basket of scones, are you getting hungry?

We made our way up, starting with the scones first, then the sandwiches too. The cakes were all delicious but they definitely get sickly so I would recommend you take it in turns having the savoury sandwiches with the cakes ;) overall though, it was a lovely treat, and something your mum's will enjoy too :)

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