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A Little Touch of Home

Sunday, October 4, 2015
The cozy corner, the only place I really want to be after a long day and also early morning. Fairy lights are from IKEA & the bedding is from Asda. 

 Photos are my favourite things to have in my room, they always remind me of good memories. Polaroids are the best.

 Cushions ramp up the comfort levels for sofas, it also helps that these are pretty cute too. The patterned cushion is from IKEA, the grey quote one is a Franc Franc special, then the obvious camera one is from HKID Gallery.

 Purple Quartz crystal to bring calmness into the home, and isn't it just the cutest little decoration?

People have inspirational boards, mine? It's a fridge instead! A mix n match of my favourite things, including souvenirs from places that people have gifted to me.

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