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Something real, make it timeless

Monday, October 19, 2015
These pictures were taken at beautiful CUHK (Chinese University of Hong Kong) and it's been the third time that I've been here but I adore strolling through the grounds and pretending to be a student again (long gone are those days!)

Hong Kong is strange really, in such a city-scape, you get scenic places like this that you can spend three/ four years of your education here. A lot of people get their wedding pictures taken here too, which goes to show how popular of a location this place is!

My outfit is a tad University esque, going for the casual jeans and t-shirt look. The jeans are my first high waisted skinny ripped from H&M, and they are a perfect fit. I'm still debating whether to cut off the ends or just to keep them folded up- indecisions! The top is from Pull & Bear, and is a casual faint striped tee, also the sleeves are the perfect length too. I know there's only one 'outfit post' picture but I wanted this post to focus more on the University. I've made a goal to myself for next year too so maybe this University will feature more in this blog ;)

- Sophia x

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