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Throwback Thursday: The Music Edition

Thursday, October 15, 2015
I was having one of those flashback days to my 14/15 year old self, lemme tell you something- I may look like a type of girl that would obsess over boy bands, the new hip hop artists (basically me now) but back then, I was nothing like I am now. I adored classic rock, punk and indie music. YES, remember the category 'indie' which was basically the 2000s callback to 'hipster', can you imagine? (I know, I'm old)

Here are a few of my favourites, they take me back to days sitting on school benches with my best friends, sharing earphones, and slowly skipping songs on our Sony mp3 players- mine was a Sony Walkman, purple edition. I didn't want an i-pod because it was far too commercialised for me, yes I was one of those kids (also because my parents are Chinese so they were always too stingy to buy/ let me buy one).

Greenday- American Idiot. This song is a TUNE, I would later on go to buy a guitar themed tie to put around my neck on top of my t-shirts.

Taking back Sunday- Make Damn Sure, I still adore this song and love love love 'Divine Intervention' - best lyrics ever.

If you were ever into punk, then you have to know one of the greatest bands ever- The Ramones (I still have the band t-shirt)

Another punk rock band fave, is The Clash, I mean- I can't even, just please listen

I know I said I adored rock etc but I have to give a little shoutout to Miss Gwen Stefani, because she still looks and sounds amazing. Also this song, just gives me flashbacks of thinking I was cool. I wish I could be that sassy

There was that awkward period of time, let's keep it to us, that I was *kinda* obsessed with Pete Doherty, to the point where I even bought his auto-biography/ biography. How could you not though, especially with this song?

Last but by far not least, the Sex Pistols, because what other band would dare to go against old Queenie?

Yeah, not the kind of music taste you would expect from a self confessed Taylor Swift fan girl, am I right? Enjoy! Let me know if you used to listen to any of these songs too!

- Sophia x

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