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Tap Mun, HK (aka Grass Island)

Monday, October 26, 2015
Last Sunday, Hong Kong was blessed with beeeeautiful weather. And of course I took advantage of it by going on an island adventure with my boyfriend and Bailey! Both of them loved this day out, except for the part where my bf got a bit impatient when we had to wait for the ferry for an hour cos' we got there too early.

Yayy, Captain Tsoi Ying (that's the name of the ferry) is here! Off we gooooo!

Tap Mun (塔門) is located in the Northeast part of New Territories, and you can either get there via Wong Shek Pier or Ma Liu Shui Pier. We took a ferry from Ma Liu Shui  pier (to get to this pier, go to University MTR station, then take a taxi). It was a very full ferry, some people and dogs had to stand, but since we got there early, we had a seat and got to enjoy the nice sea breeze and view. The ferry stops at six islands (the third being Tap Mun) in one journey, so make sure you get off the right island! 

The ferry ride took a bit longer than one hour, and when we arrived, the pier was already very crowded and brimming with the salty smell of sea produce sold by the locals. The bottom part of this island is quite similar to Peng Chau, with the fishing village, narrow streets, and more tourists than locals.

We took the route up to the Balanced Rock, because that's where the famous Grasslands of Tap Mun is. The hike up was very easy because the entire path has been paved and is surprisingly clean except for the cow poop (the other thing that Tap Mun is famous for) which was scattered literally everywhere. But I like cows, so that's ok. :)

Look how happy Bailey is :)

The hike took around 20 minutes and we were welcomed by this:

Kites, friendly cows (except when they steal your food), grass, camping tents, picnics, more cow poop, blue sky, green sea. What's there not to love?

I think Bailey tried to smile here.

Doing the Simba.

There was this group of people doing Taichi at the peak, very cool.

We walked the entire path which goes around the island once, which took less than an hour. We then spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the grass, eating chips and chasing grasshoppers (Bailey did, not me).

This cow saved my life, long story...let me know by commenting below if you're interested ;)

And we left this island with this gorgeous sunset ending our day. Would I visit Tap Mun again? Of course! But next time I'll bring more food, a picnic mat and a few more friends. :)


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