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3CE Liquid Eye Liner

Wednesday, October 15, 2014
There's nothing better than a winged eye liner and a bold lip look. A few weeks ago we were browsing around the I.T store in Hong Kong and saw the '3CE' make up stand. We sauntered over and spotted some rather good bargains for the price.

'3CE' is a relatively new brand for me, originated from South Korea and has a pretty stocked range from brushes to make up remover at affordable prices. I swatched the liquid eye liner on my hand and was pretty impressed with the colour and finish.

$128 dollars later, the eyeliner was in my hands. Now, application wise, it is so easy to use, if you're an eyeliner noob like moi, this is your best friend. Easy to apply, applies pretty evenly even with the dodgy shaky hand. However, I applied this on Saturday around 9am and throughout the day I noticed that it went a bit patchy and smudged at the sides. 

Overall- I wouldn't purchase this again, I think there are better eyeliners on the market but 3CE if your formulation improves, I'd definitely repurchase this. For now, I think I'll stick to my Dollywink eyeliner. 

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