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Thoughts: Feminism

Thursday, October 2, 2014
So in light of Emma Watson's recent speech at the UN, it's sparked more conversation about this topic- Feminism, ( If you haven't watched her speech, watch it here-  I highly recommend you to).

Firstly, I haven't always thought there were inequalities between boys and girls, but a few years ago (and tumblr) I realised.  Yes, women have more freedoms than they did before - remember the fight the suffragettes went through? However, the gap is still wide, sure women have every right to do what they want with their body and have their own choices, but remember, it's not like that for the rest of the world. Also think- slut shaming, victim blaming-  what do all these things have in common? The women.

I see a lot of posts on 'I don't need feminism because'- by saying this I feel as though it conveys the message that you think it's okay that men are paid more than women, they get 'free reign' over their own desires, oh that 'boys will be boys'. What does feminism mean to you? Because to me, it basically means men and women deserve equal rights. It goes for men too, you can and should also have the right to be free and be sensitive.

Feminism isn't about hating men, it's about men and women having the same rights, simple as that.

You still think that you don't need feminism? Well think of this, as soon as Emma Watson's speech was spoken, she got threatened  with the release of nude photos. Women are still held over this threat because nude photos threaten women more than men, you don't see the release of nude photos affecting the men. Sex is still held over women as a powerful tool to submiss them, so the world is not an equal place, not yet.

To end with this quote, 'If not us, who. If not now, when?' 

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