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8 Benefits of Having a Pet Dog

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Meet Bailey. A tiny dog with a huge personality.

She's almost 5 months old, and in this short time that she has joined our family, she has brought us endless joy. Here are some of the many perks having Bailey (and I believe any pet dog) brought us:

1. You learn how to love unconditionally. 
Having a dog doesn't just mean a furry friend to cuddle with and accompany you on rainy days, raising a dog carries as much responsibility as bringing up a child. You have to make sure she's well-fed, clean,  gets all her injections and deworming done, has a comfortable bed, is mentally healthy...  It takes a lot of time, a lot of trips to the vet, and buckets of love to raise a happy dog.

2. Your dog will show you what love is.
She will be ecstatic to see you every time you come home - even if you've only left for 15 minutes to get some groceries.  She won't turn away no matter how long you've left her alone at home or even if you've taken away her favourite toy.

3. She'll turn your frown upside down.
Having a bad day? Just looking into Bailey's big brown eyes and watching her playfully nibble on her toys makes me smile. Your dog's bright personality and adorable curiosity will make your day.

4. She will be your best friend.
Whether you are watching TV, making dinner, going for a evening stroll, your dog will be happy to accompany you. What's more, she won't judge what you're wearing, or if you're having a bad hair day - she's just glad she can spend another minute with you.

5. You will have a healthier lifestyle.
It was difficult having Bailey at first, because she would unfailingly get up punctually at 6 every morning, and start yelping. Gradually, waking up at 6 meant I had to go to bed earlier. Now I maintain a healthier sleep schedule thanks to my dog's very reliable biological clock.

6. A cleaner house.
Say what?! Doesn't having a dog mean more dog hair flying around, more poop and pee to clean up, more food and water spills?  Bailey is a short-haired chihuahua, so she doesn't shed much hair. But she still does -so it means we use the dust-roller more, we wipe the floors more, we tidy up after ourselves so nothing is left on the floor that Bailey shouldn't be chewing on. The house is overall cleaner and more hygienic. Oh and a house-trained dog will not pee and poop around the house, so there's no issue there.

7. Less stressed.
Studies show that playing with a dog can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine - which can help make you happier and less stressed!

8. You become a better person.
Having Bailey has taught my family and I how to be more patient, more loving, selfless and responsible. I've seen ways my family treat Bailey that surprised and warmed my heart.

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