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Homemade Grapefruit Mocktail

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

This recipe is delicious, quick and easy to make when you want something a bit fancier/ trying to impress some friends at dinner.

What you need (makes one drink):
One grapefruit (or 150ml grapefruit juice)
150 ml of lemonade/ sparkling water
A spoonful of sugar/ algave syrup (optional)
One glass

For garnishing:
One slice of lemon
Mint leaves (optional)

  1. First off, fill your glass with ice, you can crush it- (great for anger management- put your ice cubes in a towel and smash it with a rolling pin if you have one, or just against the wall- think like hulk!) or leave them whole.
  2. Next, if you're using a fresh grapefruit like me, squeeze the juice out and pour it over the ice- one grapefruit should fill the glass half full.
  3. Then top it up with your lemonade/ sparkling water - if you are using sparkling water I'd recommend adding the sugar/syrup because it will be sour. The lemonade already has sugar in it, but you can add the sugar to your desired taste.
  4. Finally, slice up a lemon to decorate your glass and top up with mint leaves if you have some, pop a straw in and you're ready to sip it up! Enjoy!

P.S- you could add some alcohol in this too- rum would be a good pair with this!

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