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A Weekend in Amsterdam

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Amsterdam Zoo
During my 10 day holiday to the UK, I managed to sneak in 4 days in Amsterdam too, one of my best friends currently lives there and I hadn't seen her for almost two years. I went with two of my other best friends and we took an hour flight over. I have to say transport from Amsterdam airport is so convenient, all the transport links are joined together. Trains, buses, taxis are all accessible from the airport.

We stayed at a lovely Air BnB place that my friend found, the place was pretty much a party pad and we got super lucky with it as it was convenient, clean and close to the main train station and subway lines too.

Amsterdam was definitely more quaint than I had originally imagined it. We went over to the Anne Frank House first, highly recommend, it was so sad hearing her story but it was definitely worth experiencing.

Canals and a cyclists dream, Amsterdam is the perfect place for a little stroll, the locals are very friendly and happy to guide you to places if needed to be. In all honestly, we didn't end up doing much touristy activities, but what I enjoyed the most was just spending time with my friends and catching up with them.

However, if you're there I would recommend the following:
  • Anne Frank House
  • Heineken Museum
  • Gouda Cheese Factory
  • Waffles, pastries
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Amsterdam Sign
  • Canal Tour
  • Bike Riding
I'll definitely be visiting again!

Sophia x

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