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DIY Photo Scrapbook

Wednesday, June 3, 2015
For the person that has everything, it was my friend's birthday and as she doesn't usually like a lot of typical girly Hong Kong things, I had the idea of making a scrapbooking album for her. People rarely print pictures anymore, remember those old days when you would sit in the corner and look through your families photo hours and laugh at the bad hair styles? I wanted that same effect too. Something sentimental that you could add more pictures in and to look back on later.

As my friend's favourite animated Disney film is Toy Story by far- so I picked up these Toy Story stickers to add to the pictures. Printing pictures wise, I went with FotoMax Hong Kong and selected their 'fotogram' picture style to get the square sized pictures, you can print as many as you want- I went for the 10 pictures range.

Add some Washi tape, colourful pens for some of your inside jokes and quirks and voila! For the binder and paper I bought them at a local HK stationary shop, you could use any notebooks or albums as you wish, similar item here

Sometimes the best presents are the homemade ones.

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